Small counter beside main door

SAM_5236When viewing the demo version of this trailer, I noticed that the space under the small counter beside the main door was underused and very deep.  I knew I could make the space more usable.

The stock location for the outside hatch is normally above the horizontal body line.  This means that small items put in the hatch could be way down at the bottom of the storage area and hard to see or reach.

I had ETI install the stock hatch below the body line with the idea that this area was outside storage and above the hatch was inside storage.  Although the space looks small, it has good proportions. I can easily store Anderson levellers, 2 x-chocks, wheel chocks, gloves and an bunch of other stuff.  So far, I haven’t needed any extra space to store outside trailer stuff.  Works well inside and out.


Stock cabinet with counter top removed.  The cabinet has a single stock drawer which will be changed to two drawers.



Looking way down to the floor.


SAM_5139   SAM_5140    SAM_5141

Enlarged the drawer opening to fit two drawers and added an opening beside the main door for access to the inside storage area.



View looking down.  Added shelf to separate the lower outside storage area from the upper inside storage area.



Added support and slides for two drawers.  Each drawer has two catches to prevent them from opening when traveling.  The inside of the cabinet provides a good place to access  12v power and access for routing additional wire runs.



Added lower door and changed the edging on the stock countertop to retro aluminium trim to match the main counter.


SAM_6206     SAM_6207

Added a wire shelf into the upper inside compartment to make it more usable.


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