Upper cabinets

SAM_5135-2We requested the trailer built without any upper cabinet doors or hardware.  The cabinets are a good size, no changes had to be made.  Using the same method that was used to make the other doors, I made 9 doors and many filler pieces that go on either side of each door.


Front bed area

The doors for the front cabinets over the bed had a few challenges as the ceiling is sloped and the doors are surrounded on three sides by a single  panel.


Door cut out with room for the hinge.



Preparing the doors and panels for the front cabinets.



Test fit on driver’s side.


Test fitting the doors and surround above the bed.


SAM_5233    SAM_5232

Finished doors installed in bed area.


Kitchen and dinette area

This area was much easier to do as all the doors and filler pieces were the same height  and the doors were the same length.


Upper doors/panels ready to be installed.



Door over main counter being installed.


SAM_5230     SAM_5231

Doors and end panels over dinette area completed.


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