Other doors, shelves and lighting


Our 17B had a wardrobe cabinet, but the trailer was too small to have this cabinet just for hanging up clothes, so we installed several shelves as we preferred to use small baskets for clothes.  In the TA which has way more space than the 17B, the wardrobe will be used to hang coats, so no shelves needed in it.


As received from ETI.

SAM_5166     SAM_5169

Added a divider to create the two storage areas and added doors.  The large wardrobe door may get a vent in the future.


Cabinet over small counter


Installing shelf.


SAM_5174      SAM_5173

Completed cabinet with single door to match the others.



Misc. shelves

SAM_5175    SAM_5178

Added a small shelf above the small counter by the door.  Shelf is hollow to save weight which allows it to be attached without obvious means.  Covered with matching Formica, retro aluminum trim and stainless rod to keep things on the shelf.

SAM_5351-2    SAM_5353

Added a narrow shelf above main door, useful for putting keys on, same finishing as the above shelf.


Book rack


Added two book racks in the dinette area, made from 3/8″ baltic birch and aluminum rod.



LED lights have been added to most of the upper cabinets and in a couple of darker storage areas.  The lights are assembled from warm coloured LED tape lights, usually cut after every third LED.  The LEDs are glued into an aluminum channel that is mounted using metal spring bracket that is attached to the cabinet framing.  Each LED/channel has a diffuser cover and then wired to a small lighted rocker switch.  The switch only requires a 3/4″ hole for mounting, just push it in and make the final two connections.  The switch is placed in the door framing so it is easily accessable.


Assembled LED light with rocker switch.


SAM_5785   SAM_5412

Examples of the installed LEDs in the over head cabinets.



Longer LED was used in the wardrobe cabinet.


Three way light in bed area


One of the Captain’s reading lights at the head of the bed was modified into a 3 way light.  This means the light over the bed can be turned on or off two locations and can be turned on without crawling over the bed to the far end of the trailer.  One switch is in the lamp and the other switch is beside the main door in the small counter cabinet.


The small on-off-on rocker switches were modified to bypass the middle ‘off’ position.  One replaced the stock switch in the captain’s light and the other was put in the small counter cabinet by the door.  The biggest challenge was running 3 wires between each location, about 20′.  The light/switch works and is well used.

Rocker switch modification.  The toggle switch will pop out of the base using a stiff pin inserted in the hole just under the rim.  The metal rocker piece can then be removed and modified.  The piece is in a “V” shape so it can click back to the middle position or ‘off’ position.  By changing the shape to a curve, the rocker bypasses the ‘off’ position easily and operates as a 3 way switch.



V shaped rocker


Reshaped to a curve

The 3 way light operation has been very useful, but the light is not the best for over the bed, not flexible enough.  I found two small 12v LED gooseneck lights and changed their switches to 3 way operation and have installed them on both sides of the bed.  The stock lights have been moved to the far corners of the trailer above the dinette.  They should provide better lighting for reading at the table.  These were also converted to 3 way operation.


LED gooseneck over bed



Stock LED now in dinette area

All four lights are 3 way and are routed back to the cabinet by the door.  Note, this mod takes a ton of wire, each light has 3 wires running to it and the panel.


Updated 3 way panel with 110v and 12v/USB power.


Inside main door/step night light

Another lighting addition is at the main door at the bottom of the inside stairs.  Getting into our old 17B at night was simple because you could reach in while still standing outside and turn on a overhead light that was beside the door.

The TA layout is very different as most lights are on the ceiling or under the upper cabinets.  These are are too far away to easily turn on while standing outside in the dark.  The outside light is not used much due to the way it is wired with 2 independent switches and hard to find in the dark.  I may rewire it someday.


Light switch by door, easily reached when standing outside.

SAM_5789     SAM_5797

LED strip light interpreted into the inside step. This light illuminates the floor inside the trailer and the switch is easy to find in the dark while standing outside on the ground.



I also added a light above the folding outside metal step.  Trailer steps are usually painted black and are difficult to see at night.  I used aluminum square tube and bolted it to the back two bolts holding up the steps.  I then drilled two holes in the aluminum tube and added two LED outdoor lights.  They are wired up to the lower inside switch and light up the step.



Complete light.  I also added a piece of rubber mat cut to size to cover the step, it was leftover scrap from truck bed liner install.  It makes the step quieter and non slip.



Step lights at night, just enough light to illuminate the step, but not the surrounding campsite.

Bedside shelves

After using the trailer for a couple of years, we needed some extra shelves beside the bed.  The trailer has a small cubbys on each side, but it difficult to access them at night being so close the the head of the bed.  I added a shelf for each side made the same way other shelves in the trailer in the retro style.  These shelves are 7″ x 7″.



Before shelf install (passenger side).


After shelf install.



Driver’s side shelf.


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