2007 Escape 17B

As mentioned in the ‘A brief history‘ section, we modified our 17B to suit our needs and sense of style.

080902D300_1396In 2007, there were not a lot of options available, we just hoped that we could persuade Reace to accommodate our wishes.  We wanted a different look than the standard Escape, so I designed something unique.   During the build, we had Escape Trailer Industries (ETI) move the furnace under the fridge to allow me more flexibility in designing the drawers in the counter.  Moving the furnace meant the fridge had to be moved higher so it vented out the top, it always performed well.  Over the next year, I added drawers, custom doors, and many other small things including replacing the bathroom roof vent with a powered one.  Looking back, I guess this was practice for the next one.

Here are a few photos of the 17B modifications.

20090801D300_1647      20090801D300_1641 20090801D300_1640     20090801D300_1630      20090801D300_1626 20090801D300_1622    20090801D300_1618     20090801D200_2098


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